Millennial Tells Fox News How Bad Millennials Are (Video)


Johnny Oleksinski, a 26-year-old writer for the New York Post, appeared on "Fox & Friends" on July 7 to slam his own generation, commonly referred to as millennials (video below).

Oleksinski talked about a column that he wrote July 4 entitled "I’m a millennial and my generation sucks," in which he stated: "Imagine being forever lumped into a smug pack of narcissists who don’t just ignore the past, but openly abhor anyone and everything that came before them."

Oleksinski told the Fox News hosts that the first day his article was published, the tweets about it were "fabulous," but on the second day, when the millennials read it, he said: "Those tweets are scathing."

Oleksinski recalled how he interviewed some millennials, for a previous article, who spent their time binge-watching "Orange Is The New Black" and using Snapchat.

The Fox News hosts laughed, and then read off some of the negative and positive tweets that Oleksinski received.

Oleksinski said that some of his best friends are older Baby Boomers, and recalled some of the advice that he has for his generation, whom he appears to be socially disconnected from: "Not be so myopic and insular. We tend to now on social media, it makes it very easy for us to surround ourselves with people who feel the same way we do about everything. So we never hear any opinions."

The all-white hosting panel at Fox News seemed to agree with Oleksinski's analysis.

Oleksinski also recalled how millennials often blame others for their lack of opportunity and upward mobility in the job market, which is a common complaint made against immigrants by Fox News' hosts and guests, notes Raw Story.

The Fox News hosts all signaled their agreement with Oleksinski about the millennials, which likely played well with the Fox News audience, whose average age is 67 years old during daytime viewing and 68 years old during evening hours, according to a report in Ad Week in December 2015.

Sources: Ad Week, New York Post, Raw Story / Photo credit: Fox News/YouTube

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