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Militia Man Challenges Gov. Chris Christie To Sumo Wrestling Match (Video)

One of the armed ranchers occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, posted a YouTube video (below) on Jan. 23 challenging Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to a sumo wrestling match.

Kelly Gneiting wore a loin cloth while issuing his challenge to the GOP presidential candidate, whom he mockingly referred to as his "brother," notes

Gneiting expressed his displeasure over Christie's comments on how he wanted to see law enforcement disperse the armed men.

“You know what I want to see?" Gneiting said. "I want to see you come over here and disperse me, your older brother, in the dojo. Woo-hoo, little Christie!”

Gneiting added later, “Remember all those times we used to tussle in the front room? Man, we’d go all night sometimes from dusk till dawn. But now we’re adults. And we have pretty much the same body frame. You might be a little bigger. So bring that big old belly over here and let’s slap bellies!”

Gneiting challenged Christie to 10 bouts, and said if Christie were to win just one, the armed ranchers would disperse.

Gneiting said if he won all 10 bouts: "I get to roll you down the stairs in that sleeping bag again! Woo-hoo, little Christie! Going to war on the shore, little Christy and his big brother Kelly. Wearing diapers and slappin’ bellies just like when we were toddlers. We all know mom loved me more.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gneiting, who the paper describes as a sumo wrestler, set a Guinness World Record in 2011 as the heaviest man to finish a marathon when he completed the city's 26.2-mile run in 9 hours 48 minutes 52 seconds.

Gneiting's weight at the time was 396.2 pounds.

Sources:, YouTube, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit: Kelly Gneiting/YouTube

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