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Military Mom Gets Big Surprise While At Dinner With Son

A military mom got a touching surprise when she went out to dinner with her son.

Emily Infinger's husband was serving overseas in the Navy for more than one year before he returned home for a few days, only to be deployed again, LittleThings reports. After his second deployment, Infinger took her four-year-old son Ben to Texas Roadhouse for dinner to cheer herself and her son up.

While at dinner, Ben, who is extremely proud of what his father does for a living, asked his mom if he could tell their waitress about his dad.

"[Ben] said, 'Mommy, can I tell the server about Daddy being on the boat?' I said, 'Sure, you can tell her if you want to,'" the mother told WCHM. "So when she came over, he said, 'Excuse me, I have something to tell you, my daddy's on a ship and he's out right now.'"

The waitress, Sabrina Carver, listened to Ben's story and went back to the kitchen to tell the other servers. Everybody in the kitchen wanted to help Sabrina do something special for the mother and son.

Sabrina returned to the table to give Infinger her bill, but she didn't see the note Sabrina left her until she walked away.

"We know things are not easy when dad's away, so tonight, this one is on us!," the receipt read. 

The servers pitched in to pay for the family's entire meal.

"I just stopped and I started crying," Infinger said. “I was just really touched by the fact that somebody didn’t know me … and they could still do something so nice."

The mother was reduced to tears as she hugged the servers and thanked them each for their generosity.

Infinger went to dinner that night to cheer up herself and her son, and it seems as though her exceptions were fully exceeded.

Sources: LittleThingsWFLA via Antrax888/YouTube / Photo Credit: WFLA via Antrax888/YouTube

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