Mike Tyson Gets Taken Down -- By A Hoverboard (Video)


Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was recently taken down by a hoverboard (video below).

In a video that Tyson posted on his Instagram page on Dec. 29, he seems to have the hang of the device, but Tyson's daughter warns him off-screen, "Daddy, I don’t want you to fall,” notes MSNBC.

Tyson turns a couple of circles, but as the 49-year-old moves forward, he loses his balance and goes down hard.

Amazon stopped selling hoverboards earlier in December amid reports of the devices going up in flames; the Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into reports of 11 fires in 10 states.

“We’re actively testing samples of hoverboards in our lab, both new ones and those involved in incidents,” CPSC deputy director Patty Davis told USA TODAY.

“You don’t want a fully charged hoverboard in a box sitting under your tree until Christmas,” Davis added. "Do not charge a hoverboard overnight. Make sure you’re awake and watching."

Explosions and fires are not the only problem with hoverboards.

“We’ve received 39 reports of emergency room injuries involving hoverboard[s] related to falls and collisions,” Davis said.

Sources: Instagram, USA TODAYMSNBC / Photo Credit: Mike Tyson/Instagram Screenshot

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