Michigan Mom Accused Of Hitting Ice Cream Worker (Video)

Tricia Ann Kortes has been charged with assault and battery of an ice cream store employee, Linda Waller, in Royal Oak, Michigan (video below).

"She just started yelling that we didn't have the flavor for son's birthday, of ice cream, Mackinac Island Fudge," Waller told WXYZ. "She put her ring to make sure it hit me, and when she hit me, it cut me in the head. I had a bump on my head."

A news station reporter went to Kortes' home for a comment, but there was no answer at the door. The reporter did get a phone call from Kortes' attorney saying that his client would respond to the accusations in a few days.

Meanwhile, Waller filed a civil lawsuit against Kortes over the alleged assault.

Kortez has been involved in similar altercations in the past. 

WXYZ reported that Kortes allegedly drop-kicked her son's birthday cake inside a Kroger grocery store in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, because she was angry about the decorations on the "Batman v. Superman" cake.

Kortes asserted that Kroger employees gave her permission to come behind the bakery counter to fix the cake, but the employees said they didn't allow her to do so, which resulted in the alleged drop-kicking.

One witness said that Kortes then stomped on the cake, and cursed at the employees for ruining the dessert.

Kortes insisted that the cake slipped out of her hands, but police cited her for a misdemeanor of "Tumultuous Conduct."

In 2015, Kortes was charged with assault and battery in Troy, Michigan, and reportedly pleaded guilty to disorderly person. Kortes was hit with a $500 fine and mandatory anger management classes.

The news station also noted that Kortes was charged with assault in 2003 in King County, Washington, and was placed on probation.

WXYZ tried to call Kortes, but the woman who answered the phone said it was the wrong number and hung up.

Sources: WXYZ (2) / Photo credit: WXYZ/YouTube

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