Michigan Man Tells Army Official That Soldiers Are Training To Hurt Americans (Video)

Some residents in Flint, Michigan, were startled on Tuesday when they heard some explosions that turned out to be part of a U.S. military training exercise.

According to WNEM, the Army was training at a school that had been closed in the small town, but residents were not given much advance notice.

Army officials claimed their exercises in Flint are separate from the controversial Operation Jade Helm training that is taking place in the southwest this summer.

One man, who self-identified as a member of AllpointsTV, confronted an Army official, who was wearing civilian clothing, with a camera near the exercises, noted Talking Points Memo.

A video (below) of the confrontation was posted on the AllpointsTV YouTube channel.

The cameraman asks the Army official, "Our government OKed it? The people want to go after own people."

The official denies it, and tells the cameraman later that they are conducting "some realistic training."

"In other words, to go after us!" the cameraman claims.

The official denies that claim, but the cameraman fires back, "Yeah! Who else are you gonna go after?"

The official refers the cameraman to the public affairs branch of the Army several times in the video.

"So this is part of something connected to Jade Helm or something like that going on in the southwestern United States?" the cameraman asks.

The Army official denies that it is, but the cameraman says, "How is it not different ... How is it not different?"

The Army official says that he is providing security so that no one gets hurt, but the cameraman replies, "So that later on, they can hurt us more!"

The cameraman accuses the Army of conducting experiments with the explosions, which the official denies.

Later, the cameraman states, "Oh OK, thank you! Yeah, this isn't a third world country where you're supposed to let coups or juntas happen in our own backyard, right? What are you guys planning for this war?"

Sources: WNEM, Talking Points Memo
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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