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Michigan Man Discovers Black Widow In Bag Of Grapes (Photo)

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Michigan man Steve Choley was taken aback when he reached into a bag of grapes and discovered a Black Widow spider at the bottom.

Choley and his wife Kimberly had gone shopping at Kroger in Troy, Michigan, last Thursday and picked up a bag of grapes on their trip, My Fox Detroit reported. On Wednesday of this week, Choley reached into the bag of grapes at work for a snack and found something unusual.

When Choley pulled the grapes from the vine, he saw what appeared to be a shriveled grape. Then, he realized it was a spider.

The Black Widow spider wasn’t moving, which made Choley think it was either dead or sleeping. However, it suddenly began to crawl up the vine, according to My Fox Detroit.

Without panicking, Choley captured the spider and placed it into a jar with air holes.

Brandon Barrow, a spokesperson for the Kroger grocery store, noted that the store would refund Choley’s money if he requested it. Barrow added that while Black Widows don’t commonly show up in produce, it’s not uncommon for some type of bug to get caught up in packages because growers are now using less pesticides.

Barrow added that some growers even use insects to kill off other insects that might be harmful to produce.

Choley has since vowed to wash his produce before eating it.

This isn't the first time a resident of Troy, Michigan encountered a Black Widow in their produce. In September 2014, a woman reportedly also found a Black Widow spider on the grapes she bought at a Kroger grocery store in Troy, ABC 7 reported.

At the time of that incident, the Kroger spokesman also attributed the spider to the use of less pesticides.

Sources: Fox News, WXYZ

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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