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Michigan Man Crashes Car Into Police Cruiser With His Brother On The Hood (Video)

Minas Habib drove a car, with his brother Starvo Habib on the hood, into a police cruiser in Shelby Township, Michigan, on Jan. 7. The incident was caught on video (below) by the police officer's dash cam.

"If you listen to the video clearly, he says that, 'I was trying to get him off the car,'" Deputy Chief of Police Mark Coil told WJBK. "It is the department's and my belief that his intent was to strike the vehicle."

Starvo, 18, allegedly punched 20-year-old Minas, and then Starvo tried to get his cellphone back from Minas by jumping on the hood of the car.

After the car crashed into the police cruiser, the shirtless Starvo fell off the hood, but was not injured.

Minas was charged with reckless driving, while Starvo was charged with domestic violence against Minas, notes WXYZ.

The brothers spent a night in jail, and then posted bail.

WJBK Report:

Raw Footage:

Sources: WJBK, WXYZ / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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