Miami Dog Walker Has 'Racist' Encounter (Video)


Rayne Burse filmed an allegedly racist confrontation with an unidentified woman on July 3 while walking her dog in Miami (video below).

Burse originally posted the video on her Tumblr blog, and it was reposted on Twitter where it went viral.

Burse noted on her blog the support that she received:

The love and support that I’m getting from dealing with that woman is beyond measure right now. I haven’t heard one negative thing about how I handled the situation, and that’s what I feared when I decided to make this video public today. I really appreciate y'all, and I’m glad I could make you all proud. I’m really sitting here crying from some of the messages that I’ve received though like for real.

In the video, Burse asks the woman, "Who are you following and for what?"

The woman replies, "Because you're part of South Miami."

"I don't know what 'you're part of South Miami' means," Burse fires back. "When I asked you, 'Am I on your property, do you want me to leave?'"

"It's not my property," the woman answers.

"OK, so what are you out here saying then?" Burse asks. "What are you out here bothering me for? Did I bother you?"

"You know what, you're in it," the senior tells Burse. "And I'm going to report you wherever you are. I am going to report you."

"Go ahead, what are you going to report?" Burse says. "That someone asked you nicely if they should leave your property? And you literally sat here and vocalized that it's not your property, so you're harassing someone for no reason."

The woman then repeats that it is not her property, and Burse says, "Yeah, this is harassment, lady."

The woman appears to reach at Burse, and there is some sort of an altercation. Burse runs away from the woman who follows her.

"Oh my God!" the woman yells. "You just hit me!"

"You grab at my camera again, and I'll hit you again!" Burse shouts.

Burse recently told

She kept following me talking crazy. That's when I decided that I shouldn't lead this lady back to my house and instead record her actions in hopes that she'll retreat back to hers.

 ... I'm really not in the business of hitting old women, or disrespecting my elders. I tried really hard to deescalate the situation before I even decided to record, and she just wasn't having it. I felt threatened, and I'm not sure if you can hear in the second video, but I was in the middle of a panic attack.

The woman was reportedly arrested, but the South Miami Police didn't comment to about the incident.

Sources:, / Photo Credit: Rayne Bursevia YouTube

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