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Message On Receipt From Denver Mexican Restaurant Leaves Sour Taste In Patron's Mouth (Video)

A Denver woman says she loves her local Mexican restaurant but what she found printed on her receipt Friday was pretty hard to stomach. 

“We go like once or twice a month,” Beatriz Castorena told KDVR News in a videotaped interview (shown below). 

But, she said, an expletive and a seemingly racist comment on her receipt from El Valle Mexican restaurant might take her a while to get over, and it could be some time before she goes back. 

Friday, Castorena got her meal’s receipt and under a line item for carne asada she noticed the words “you f----- mexicans.” 

“Oh, wait a minute. Look what it says on here,” Castorena said she told her husband when she noticed it. She showed it the waitress,

“So she looked at it and she said, ‘Oh. How funny.’ Funny? That’s not funny. That’s not funny at all,” Castorena said. 

After leaving the restaurant, Castorena and her niece both posted images of the receipt to the restaurant’s Facebook page, where the ownership and management drew some criticism. 

Restaurant co-owner, Oscar Rivera, said the comment came from a server who teasing some of the cooks. 

“In the restaurant, you know, cooks and waiters always give each other smack and talk stuff,” Rivera told KUSA News. 

“All our clients are Mexican,” he added. “We're Mexican, so it's absurd that they believe people actually feel that way, but I understand why.”

Rivera said he and his staff apologized to Castorena for the remark on the receipt and she was refunded the cost of her meal. 

Castorena told KUSA it may be some time before she returns. 

The server who wrote the note quit her job out of embarrassment, Rivera told KDVR. 

Sources: KDVR News, YouTube, Facebook: El Valle Mexican Restaurant, KUSA News

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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