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Mentally-Ill Mother Caught On Camera Abusing Newborn Baby (Video)


A mentally-ill mother was caught on camera, in the video below, abusing her newborn baby by throwing the child across the room.

“Knowing my daughter, that was not my normal daughter,” Lily Moore, of Memphis, Tennessee, told FOX 13 News of her daughter — the woman in the video.

The clip shows Moore’s daughter holding a young child while throwing her newborn baby boy across the room. Throughout the video, the mother yells at the man filming the video — later determined to be the newborn’s father. 

“In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost,” the mother yells repeatedly in the video.

The infant’s father said he didn’t step in to help his child right away because he needed to document the abuse.

“I wanted to put my hands on her, but I couldn’t,” the alleged father said. “That was going to leave me in jail and the baby still was going to go with them. It can't be two dumb parents."

Moore had a completely different assessment of the events in the video, telling FOX 13 News that the father is in the wrong.

“She told me that [the boy’s father] kicked the door in and it frightened her, and she had been off her meds for about nine months because she didn't want to take anything to harm the baby,” Moore said.

The same night as the disturbing incident, Moore’s daughter was reportedly taken in by Memphis Police and given a mental evaluation. 

“After they took her to Lakeside, they assessed her and they had to medicate her,”  she said. “They heavily medicated her down because they knew she was toxic; she was very, very toxic.”

Moore said that what happened in the video was an isolated incident, adding that her daughter now fears that the father of baby, named Christian, will come after her.

“She is afraid for her life because he's been calling threatening her, and this video and the way it's portraying her to be a mom who beats her kids,” she said. 

Memphis Police told FOX 13 News that they went to the household in question on July 17, where a report was taken. They would not, however, discuss if any charges were filed.

The child is reportedly in the care of a family member. According to reports, Memphis Police are currently investigating the situation. 

Sources: My Fox Memphis (2), YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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