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Memphis Police Attend Father-Daughter Dance With Daughter Of Fallen Officer

The daughter of a Memphis, Tennessee, policeman who was killed in the line of duty in 2011 likely thought she wouldn’t have a date when she received an invitation for a local father-daughter dance. But she wound up with six. 

Officer Tim Warren was shot and killed in July 2011 while responding to a domestic situation call, WMC News reports. He is survived by his wife and two children. 

According to a post on the Memphis Police Department’s Facebook page, Warren's widow was "at a loss" for what to do when her and Warren's daughter, Jewel, got an invitation for the father-daughter dance.

She reached out to Taylor Amen, the wife of another officer, and Donna Kirk, the widow of a Memphis firefighter who founded the "Our Fallen Heroes Foundation."

In response, Amen and Kirk arranged to have others donate their time and escort Jewel to the dance. 

In all, six Memphis police officers showed up as Jewel’s dates, including Amen’s husband, whose first name was not given. 

“We know we cannot replace Tim,” Officer Amen said, according to the Facebook post. “But we can be there for his family when we are needed. It was truly a honor.”

The officers showed up wearing boutonnieres. They had a corsage for their young date and each gave her a long-stemmed rose. 

The flowers were donated by Holliday Flowers and Lynn Doyle Flowers, according to the post. 

Local photographer, Amanda Swain, also donated her time to document the event. 

“Jewel's smile spoke volumes,” Swain wrote to in an email. “These officers, some [of whom] are also dads, enjoyed themselves tremendously.”

She added that the night was unforgettable.

"I know I won't forget it, and I'm positive Officer Warren smiled several times as he looked on from above," Swain said.

Kirk, who was also helped by Andrea Woods, the widow of another Memphis officer killed over seven years ago, told WMC she was happy to help. 

“I wish there was something there for our kids and that's what made it so important to do it for Jewel,” she said. “And we knew what it was like for our kids and we didn't want another family to miss out on that.”

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Photo credit: Amanda Swain via


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