Melania Trump Reveals Her Parenting Style With Barron In Interview

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Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Melania Trump has always maintained that even with her high profile status and role, parenting is the most important role to her.

Born in Slovenia, Melania moved to America when she was 18 to pursue modeling.

She got her one and only child, Baron, in March 2006, a year after her marriage to Donald Trump. She was 36 at the time.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Speaking to Parenting, Melania stated: "I am a full-time mom; that is my first job. The most important job ever."

At the time, she was running her own jewelry line.

She revealed that even with her work, her son was the most important person to her.

"When he is in school I do my meetings, my sketches, and everything else," she said.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

She shocked many mothers when she stated that she was more than happy to let her son draw on his bedroom walls, including in their $10 million New York apartment.

She stated: "His imagination is growing and important. He draws on the walls in his playroom, we can paint it over. One day he was playing bakery and he wrote Barron's Bakery on the wall with crayons. He is very creative, if you say to a child no, no, no, where does the creativity go?"

"I think it's important to give a child room to make mistakes in order to learn. Mistakes build wings so later in life they can fly and go on their own," she continued.

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