Mechanic Gives Stranger His Car To Attend Funeral

An Iowa man's social media post recounting his experience with a good Samaritan has gone viral.

Todd Steinkamp was on a 370-mile road trip from Iowa to Green Bay, Wisconsin, in order to attend a funeral, according to the Daily Mail. Seventy miles from his destination, in the small town of Wild Rose, his car began making noises. 

Steinkamp pulled into Lauritzen Sports and met Glenn Geib, a 74-year-old mechanic. Geib noticed Steinkamp's formal attire and asked him where he was going. When Steinkamp said he was headed to a funeral, Geib handed him his own car keys and told him to take his truck.

Steinkamp took to Facebook Feb. 22 to share his story:

"[Geib] asked how much further I had to go and I told him 70 miles or so. He told me no way was it going to make it that far. I asked if they could fix it and he said yes but it will be a few hours. I asked if there was a place to rent a car at and being a small town of 725 people, there was nothing. I must have looked pretty stressed out at this time because Glenn then reached into his pocket, pulled out the keys to HIS own vehicle and said 'Take my truck. Fill it up with gas, don't turn on the emergency lights and get going. She'll do 120mph if you need it to.' with a smile on his face. He was giving his own keys to a stranger that he met just TEN MINUTES before this."

Steinkamp took Geib up on his offer and drove the elderly man's 1999 Chevrolet Silverado the 70 miles to Green Bay.

Geib told WBAY that he felt as though he had to help Steinkamp and that he wasn't too concerned about the younger man making off with his truck.

"He looked burned out like he was tired yet, and it looked like he had a rough night, you know had things on his mind, worried about getting there, that’s about it, looked like he needed some help," he said. "If you give a guy a truck, your truck don’t come back, its an old used truck what are you going to do."

Steinkamp was able to make it to the funeral on time and indeed returned Geib's truck to Wild Rose later that evening.

"Glenn…the 74 year old mechanic with a grip of steel turned a terrible day into a good one with a great lesson,” Steinkamp wrote over Facebook. "[J]ust be kind and help if you can. If you are ever up by Wild Rose, Wisconsin stop into Lauritzen Sport Shop and say hi to Glenn in the garage."

Steinkamp's post has garnered over 20 million likes and 7,000 shares on Facebook.

Sources: Daily Mail, WBAY, Todd Steinkamp/Facebook / Photo Credit: Todd Steinkamp/Facebook

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