Mean Girl Gets Bullied, Last Person She Expected Comes To Comfort Her (Video)

An online video campaign is encouraging people to rise above bullies by forgiving them.

Faith Counts, group aimed at promoting the value of faith, has produced a video as part of an ongoing series of themed hashtag campaigns, each highlighting a beneficial attribute of faith.

This video, for example, features a girl being bullied at school by a couple of mean girls who post a photo of the victim’s face on social media, with the caption, “Crawl back into your cave!”

The girl proceeds to shed tears as her fellow classmates laugh at the picture on their phone. She makes it home and continues to cry in her bedroom.

Next day at school, a similar situation happens to one of the mean girls, but this time the bully becomes the victim. She runs into the restroom crying, and the girl she bullied in the beginning of the video follows to comfort her. The former bully apologizes for putting her peer through painful moments.

The short film ends with a quote from The Talmud, “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.”

Faith Counts released the video, titled “Faith Forgives,” last year in October as part of Bullying Prevention Month. It was posted on its website, with the description, "Words cut. Cut the bull: stop the bullying."

Check it out below:

H/t: Liftbump / Sources: PR Newswire / Photo Credit: Faith Counts/YouTube


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