McDonald's Worker Falls Into Bucket Of Hot Oil (Video)


An Australian fast food worker was caught on video (below) falling into a bucket of boiling hot oil while managing a McDonald's restaurant.

In the video of the shocking incident posted to YouTube on March 4, Melbourne resident Angela Buza is seen walking by a deep fryer when she suddenly slips and falls. She lands on a blue bucket filled with hot oil, which proceeds to spill all over her.

Buza begins to writhe in pain, before running away out of frame. Her co-worker, Luke Haywood, is seen attempting to help her before she leaves the area.

Buza was treated at a nearby hospital for five days, though she was later readmitted for infections caused by the burns. As a result of the 2013 incident, Buza needed several skin grafts while in the hospital.

She also claimed to suffer from anxiety attacks in the months that followed.

The Latrobe Magistrates Court ultimately fined the restaurant $45,000 for the incident. 

In court, a video was presented that showed another employee putting oil from the deep fryer into buckets just before Buza slipped. Haywood told the court that he used buckets up to 20 times prior to the incident to change oil. Buza said she also used buckets for the oil.

Haywood said that the pump used for draining oil from the deep fryer was broken at the time of the incident, which was why buckets were being used.

In a victim impact statement, Buza said that the terrifying incident caused her to become socially withdrawn.

"The incident took away my independence as I became reliant on others," she said. "Due to becoming withdrawn, I lost friends."

The company's lawyer, Robert Taylor, said it had taken steps to ensure the safety of their employees following the spill. The company also cooperated with the investigated and complied with improvement notices.

Store operator Wilbridge Securities plead guilty to failure of supervision and is now face sentencing for the incident, ABC Australia reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC / Photo credit: ARMAGEDON/YouTube via Daily Mail

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