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McDonald's Employees Caught Brawling Outside Restaurant (Video)


Two Georgia McDonald’s employees were caught on video (below) fighting outside the restaurant where they worked.

In a video of the incident, the female employees are seen arguing in the parking lot, as their co-workers attempt to break them up.

The fight soon escalates, and the employees grab each other’s hair and attempt to pull the other to the ground.

Both young women throw several punches and kicks, before their co-workers finally stop the fight.

Clumps of hair from one of the employees’ weaves can be seen on the ground, as both women get back on their feet.

The clip was uploaded to LiveLeak on Dec. 15, and had garnered more than 130,000 views in six days.

Watch the intense fight below.

Sources: LiveLeak, Daily Mail / Photo credit: LiveLeak via Daily Mail 

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