McDonald's Employee, Customer Caught On Camera Fighting At Drive-Thru Window (Video)


A brutal fight between a McDonald’s employee and customer went viral.

In the video (below), the employee is seen reaching through the drive-thru window and beating a customer.

The fight — which took place at a McDonald’s location in Minneapolis, Minnesota, — lasts just over a minute, with the employee and customer yelling at each other between punches.

“I was on my way home from Monday night curling league, I hadn't eaten much since lunch time, and I was driving by a McDonald's, so I thought I'd just swing in and pick up a BigMac while I listened to the end of MNF game on the radio,” the person filming the incident wrote on LiveLeak.

“At first I was annoyed the guy in front of me was taking so long, he seemed pretty upset to begin with, but it looked like when the McDonald's guy handed him his cash and change back he dropped some of the dude's change," the man continued to write on LiveLeak. "That's when he got out of his car, spit on the drive through window and tried to punch the McDonald's and that's when I started recording."

The video has been viewed on YouTube over 200 times as of this writing.

Watch the intense fight below.

Sources: LiveLeak, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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