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This Photo Of Trump Appears Normal, But Look Closer (Photo)


President-elect Donald Trump appeared to have abandoned his signature hairstyle in a new photo posing with his grandson.

Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., shared the photo of his father and the president-elect's grandson, Tristan, hanging out on an airplane while returning home from a family vacation in Florida. In the picture, Trump Sr.'s hair appears to be combed back away from his face.

The photo got plenty of attention when it was shared, with some applauding the hairstyle.

"Love the hair!" one viewer commented, the Inquisitr reported.

"Love your new hair style! I say we call it ‘Presidential,'" another added.

"What a great picture, a man showing love with his grandchild. His kids seem to be very family oriented," one Daily Mail reader wrote.

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Some, however, called for Trump Sr. to cut his hair -- with one viewer even going so far as to say he looks "rough."

"Someone got some new hair plug work done," a Daily Mail reader quipped.

The president-elect. is now back in New York, where he is getting prepared for his inauguration on Jan. 20, which will be followed by a series of inaugural balls across the country. TMZ reported that there would be a "Big Apple Ball" in New York, complete with a New York City theme including cutouts of the city's many landmarks.

"Every cliche that is New York will be front and center," a source told the site.

Another source revealed to TMZ that Trump Sr. would be flying back and forth from Washington, D.C., to New York fairly often during his presidency. The commute will likely be shorter than most are used to on a daily basis.

"He can leave the Oval, drive to National [Airport], fly to LaGuardia, drive to Trump Tower and take the elevator to his penthouse in an hour," the source said. The president-elect's wife and 10-year-old son will also remain in New York for at least six months so the boy can finish school.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail, TMZ / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Instagram via Inquisitr, 

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