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Matt Damon's Daughter Stung By Jellyfish


Actor Matt Damon's daughter was stung by a jellyfish April 11 during a family vacation. After suffering minor injuries, she has since quickly made a full recovery.

The Damon family was vacationing with actor Chris Hemsworth and his family in the beach spot of New South Wales in the U.K., according to Daily Mail. Damon's daughter was stung while playing in the water, and she reportedly ran screaming up the shore. Damon grabbed ice from a nearby cafe and waited for paramedics to arrive.

Based on the location, Damon's daughter was most likely stung by a bluebottle jellyfish, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Bluebottle stings should be treated with water as hot as can be tolerated for up to 20 minutes. 

According to Planet Deadly, the bluebottle jellyfish, also known as the Portuguese Man O' War, ranks as the third-deadliest jellyfish in the oceans. They are commonly found in the waters off the coast of Australia and get their name from their ship-like appearance. Stings from the bluebottle are some of the most common and often very minor.

The deadliest jellyfish in the world, according to Planet Deadly, is the box jellyfish, which has accounted for 5,568 deaths since 1954. Stings from a box jellyfish can be so painful it causes the victim to go into shock and drown just moments after the initial sting. It can leave welts or a whiplash mark on the skin for weeks or months afterward.

Damon and Hemsworth have reportedly been friends for quite some time, with Damon telling a local radio show that Hemsworth is his close friend and he is "really tight with him and his wife and the kids." Despite the 13-year age difference, the two vacation with each other often.

"We became friends around the time I started to work, and I’ve really benefited from watching how he handles himself," Hemsworth told GQ. "Matt’s just a normal guy who has the movie-star thing figured out."

Damon has four children with wife Luciana Barroso. The two were married in 2005. Damon's biggest acting credits to date include the "Jason Bourne"series and "Good Will Hunting."

Hemsworth has three children with wife Elsa Pataky, whom he met through a dialect coach that both of them saw. Hemsworth, ironically, is an Australian native, where most of the deadliest jellyfish are located.

Sources: Daily Mail, GQ, Planet Deadly, US National Library of Medicine / Photo credit: Yu-Chan Chen/Flickr

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