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Massachusetts Police Officer Finds Rare Pearl In His Seafood Stew

Six years after discovering a rare lavender pearl inside a bowl of seafood stew, a Massachusetts police officer learned the find could be worth $15,000.

Mike Serino of Swampscott was eating at a restaurant in Peabody, Massachusetts, six years ago for his birthday when he discovered a lavender pearl inside. At the time, Serino didn’t think it was anything other than a really beautiful gem, so he brought it home and kept it in a jewelry box.

Earlier this year Serino heard a story about a similar find and decided to see if he could get his pearl appraised. He was told the 6-carat pearl is extremely rare and that at auction, he could likely take in between $10,000 and $15,000.

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“It was a good seafood stew and now it’s even more tasty now that I’ve got this pearl that’s worth thousands,” Serino said.

He says he really wants to put the money towards buying a Corvette, but the cash will most likely wind up going towards renovating his kitchen because his wife and daughter have been asking for that.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Post / Photo Source: Screen Captures from CBS 4 via Daily Mail


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