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Massachusetts Man Freaks Out Over Sunfish, Drops F-Bombs (Video)

A video (below) of Michael Bergin misidentifying a sunfish as a "baby whale" and repeatedly cursing went viral after he posted it on Facebook on Sept. 17.

During a boat trip in Boston Harbor, Bergin's buddy Jason Foster tells him (in the video) that the creature is a "baby whale," and Bergin responds:

It's a baby f---- whale, man. Wholey s---. We are witnessing a baby f------ whale right here, dude. Wholey s---. That thing is big, Jay. What is that thing? It looks hurt. That thing looks hurt, Jay. Jay, that thing is hurt, bro. Wholey s---, look at this f------ thing. Oh my God, what the f-- is that bro? Jay, what the f--- is that? Whoa man, pull back up, Jay. Come on, come on bro, pull back up, bro. We're seeing some s--- we ain't never seen before, kid.

(Warning: Foul language.)

After more cursing, Bergin concludes that marine animal is actually a tuna, but Foster says it looks like a flounder.

Tony LaCasse, media relations director of the New England Aquarium, told that the creature was a sunfish, and added, “It’s not a sea monster."

“I ain’t seen nothing like that in my entire life, bro," Bergin told the Boston Globe. "I ain’t even been to the aquarium. When I see something like that, I’m amazed, bro. It’s like seeing a gorilla for the first time, man.”

“I don’t know, man," Bergin added. "I went nuts. We didn’t know what the hell it was. It was scaring me to death, it was like a dinosaur. It was so ... ugly.”

Bergin and Foster tried unsuccessfully to hook the sunfish for money, and ended up notifying the Coast Guard.

Sources: Boston Globe, / Photo Credit: Michael Bergin/Facebook Screenshot


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