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Watch: Maryland Police Take Down Man On Drugs In McDonald's (Video)

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Police officers in Maryland were applauded after a video (below) went viral of them detaining a man on drugs at a McDonald’s restaurant.

In the video, an officer can be seen instructing a man several times to “get on the ground,” WTOP reported. The man continually disobeys, prompting the officer to use a Taser. The taser, however, appears to not faze the man. A baton is also used, but the officer is unable to subdue the man.

Additional officers soon arrive, struggling for several minutes to detain the man — who was believed to be under the influence of PCP — before finally getting him into handcuffs and arresting him.

“They are oblivious to pain, hence the superhuman strength,” Riverdale Park Police Department Chief David Morris said of the drug the man reportedly took.

Morris commended the officers for using their training during attempts to detain the man and for “exercising extreme restraint.”

“They used less lethal force to try to take this guy into custody, to get him to the hospital and arguably saved his life,” he said.

The video, he added, highlights a growing concern over PCP use in the area.

“We are seeing a resurgence of this [PCP use] and with that resurgence a level of violence and resistance by the individuals that are using it,” he said.

According to Morris, no McDonald’s customers were injured during the incident. The officers were also unharmed, and the man suffered minor injuries.

Watch the intense arrest below.

Warning: Graphic language and content

Sources: WTOP, YouTube

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