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Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Picture Of 'Floating Spoon' (Photo/Video)

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The Mars Curiosity Rover has captured a few unusual looking pictures in the past, but now some believe it’s taken a picture of a floating spoon on the planet's surface (video below).

In the center of the picture, something appears to be floating in air with a shadow that appears similar to the formation of a spoon, ABC News reported. It’s unclear how long the object, which was originally pointed out by the Unmanned Spaceflight forum, will survive before it’s torn apart by Martian weather.

 Despite the insistence that the image features a spoon floating around Mars, some have speculated that the formation is nothing more than a rock.

“The spoon is simply a narrow rock protrusion from its rock base, casting a shadow underneath,” one commenter wrote.

Others have noted that the spoon is an optical illusion. 

Sources: ABC News, Discovery News

Photo Credit: Discovery News 


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