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Mark Zuckerberg Takes Wild Ride With Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Video)

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a terrifying ride in a race car with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on March 14 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina (video below).

Zuckerberg opened the Facebook Live video by talking to the famed NASCAR driver about his 3 million followers on Facebook, and what community meant to him.

"He has promised that he's going to take me out for a few laps, which I have to admit I'm a little terrified about," Zuckerberg told the audience. "You promised me that you're going to keep me safe out here, and that you're just going to help me feel the grip of the tires as we go around the corners."

Earnhardt and Zuckerberg got into a race car by climbing through the windows and buckled up.

Once the car got rolling fast, Zuckerberg said, "Wholey s***!"

Zuckerberg seemed understandably nervous when Earnhardt would come close to the wall on turns.

"If this is all we get to do in Charlotte, that will be enough," Zuckerberg said as Earnhardt began to slow down. "What an amazing experience."

Earnhardt asked Zuckerberg if he enjoyed the ride, reports NBC Sports.

"Yeah, that was amazing," the tech mogul said. "I think there probably would be millions of people who would die to do what I just did."

Zuckerberg then took the race car out on the track himself as Earnhardt spoke to him on a headset.

"I definitely don't feel like we're pushing it that far here," Zuckerberg told Earnhardt, who advised him, "Well, get a little more aggressive."

After Zuckerberg sped the car up on the second lap, Earnhardt told him: "You actually ran to the limit of the car … as fast as it can go."

After both men finished their driving, Zuckerberg told Earnhardt: "Thank you so much. This is a small glimpse of what is a really important community and industry in the country."

By March 15, the video had two million views on Facebook (where you can watch all the footage), and users posted plenty of comments:

Best experience of your life . And to be with Jr you're so lucky.

Heck yes!!! Glad to see you having some fun!!! Thanks for sharing.

Wish I was rich. I'd be doing the same thing some were in Hawaii.

Yes!!!! I should be done by my have my attention!!!

Sources: NBC SportsMark Zuckerberg/Facebook / Photo Credit: TechCrunch/Flickr

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