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Marine Veteran Humbled By Act Of Kindness, Community Gift

Georgia man and Marine Corps veteran Ron Chappell was humbled by a surprising act of kindness.

Chappell has lived in south Georgia since 1975 and has made a living by cleaning windows, First Coast News reports. Because he had no vehicle, he often walked to work or hitchhiked to get from job to job.

On some days, Chappell walked more than eight miles to complete his work.

Recently, local businessman Tim Gentry, who was also a Marine, noticed Chappell walking to work on a particularly hot day.

“Usually, someone gets him, and I guess I was a little disappointed no one got him,” Gentry told First Coast News.

Gentry decided to pick Chappell up, then went a step further and created a GoFundMe account to buy Chappell a bike.

Over $700 was raised in under an hour for Chappell, who often whistles while he works and is known locally as the “Whistlin Man.” Gentry noted that the money is a testament of what people think of Chappell and how much they appreciate him.

Gentry then decided to raise money for a truck. With the help of the community, he was able to surprise Chappell with a truck on his 61st birthday.

“He was crying now, and then he made me cry when I saw him crying,” Gentry said. “Two Marines standing outside crying.”

Chappell said that “business is booming” now that he has a truck to get around.

Sources: First Coast News, The Brunswick News

Photo Credit: Lisa Robbins/First Coast News, Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News


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