Marine Couple Rescues Starving Pit Bull (Video)


When a Marine discovered a starving pit bull tied to a neighborhood dumpster, he and his fiancee resolved themselves to free the stuck pooch and give her a loving home. Little did they know, untethering the abused dog was only the start of the trials (video below).

In December 2016, Jaryd Horsley of the Marine Corps returned home from work during in the dead of night in San Diego, California. When he heard a noise outside of his apartment complex, he investigated and discovered a starving 8-month-old pit bull tethered to a dumpster. The dog was emaciated and had exposed patches on her coat, Shareably reports.

Horsley's heart was reportedly ripped apart by the sight of the abused and abandoned canine.

"I heard a growl and she was tied up," Horsley told KGTV. "The leash was wrapped around her neck and tied to the dumpster. The leash was so short she was choking if she tried to sit down."

The marine added that it looked as though the pit bull's previous owner had left her "for the trash to come pick her up ... Who would do this to an innocent puppy?"

Horsley's fiancee, who has asked to remain anonymous, believes that the dog's previous owner was a monster.

"The heartless person that left her in the dark on a cold night of December made sure that she could not escape, and that she was hidden," she wrote on GoFundMe.

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The Marine fetched his fiancee and together they tried to feed the starving dog some leftover chicken, which proved to be a challenge.

"I threw a small piece of chicken but the dog was tied up so tight to the dumpster that she could not reach the food," the fiancee wrote. "She savagely ate the little pieces of chicken once Jaryd had pushed the food towards her with his shoe."

After managing to untie the pit bull from the dumpster, the couple brought her into their apartment and fed her the remainder of the chicken.

"She was so cold, but was so happy that we found her and fed her," the fiancee recalled.

The couple decided to name the pit bull Phoebe and took her to a veterinarian the next day. The dog was treated for a skin rash and administered injections, but there was bad news. Phoebe had a heart murmur that would severely limit her lifespan. If left untreated, the dog's condition would allot her only one more year of life.

The base cost of providing Phoebe with the necessary medication was $1,700, more than what the young couple could afford. Horsley resolved that no matter what, he would give the pit bull a loving home.

"I just want her to be happy, be comfortable and have good life, no matter how long it is," Horsley said.

In order to afford the medications, the couple established a charitable donations page on GoFundMe. As of April 14, they had raised $4,150, more than double their target amount.

Through the kindness of Horsley and his fiancee, and the generous donations of strangers, Phoebe now has a nurturing home and the opportunity to live for years to come.

Sources: KGTVGoFundMeShareably / Photo credit: Pixabay, GoFundMe

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