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Girlfriend And 'Side Piece' Visit Man At Hospital (Video)

Footage of a man's "side piece" showing up to visit him at the hospital while his girlfriend is there is going viral (video below).

The 29-second clip was first shared on Twitter by user Ms. Alyce, The Inquistr reported. It shows two women arguing over a man as he rests on his hospital bed.

"Yikes. Bro got in a Wreck and his girlfriend & side piece both at the hospital," Ms. Alyce tweeted. "That's another wreck."

The Twitter post quickly went viral, garnering nearly 50,000 retweets and more than 75,000 likes in just 24 hours.

The man is presumed to have been in a car accident. The woman seen next to him wearing black is believed to be his girlfriend, while the woman in the white dress is believed to be his "side piece."

The two women are seen arguing in the room while friends and family watch. Another woman is seen trying to pull the woman in the white dress away.

"He was with me last night!" one of the women is heard saying. It is unclear which one. The "side piece" also stated that she had called and asked for permission to visit the man.

The arguing continues, and one person is heard threatening to call security. The nurse in the room is then heard attempting to end the confrontation by reminding the women that the man is in the hospital and his health might not be so stable.

"Ok the patient's heart rate is going up, guys," the nurse says.

The video was shared by several media publications, such as Worldstar Hip Hop, Vlad TV and Media Take Out. It sparked several debates about infidelity and relationship structures among social media users.

"She must genuinely care about him. So, she has a right to visit," one commenter wrote, presumably about the "side piece." "After all, he's not married so he can do what he chooses. He's only wrong for not being honest about it."

"His boys failed him. No way in hell should the side chick made it to the room," wrote another commenter. "Damn right his heart rate went up."

"Heart rate went up because he's not trying to explain this," quipped another user.

Another commenter, who claimed to work at a hospital, said this particular situation is not uncommon.

"I work in ICU. I swear we need our own reality TV show," wrote the user. "This happens way more than you think."

Other commenters looked at the bright side of the situation.

"I mean, if a fight started at least they're at the hospital," one user joked.

Sources: The Inquistr, Ms. Alyce/Twitter, Media Take Out/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay

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