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Man's Reaction To Home Depot Employee Insulting Veteran Goes Viral

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A man’s reaction to a veteran being insulted in a Spokane Valley, Washington, Home Depot went viral.

David Carleton posted about the incident on Facebook, which occurred on Aug. 17. 

“So I am at Home Depot today and the older gentleman in front of me shows his ID for a veterans discount. The clerk tells him he does not qualify for a discount so the gentleman asked to see a manager,” Carleton wrote. “They ask me to go to another line because this may take a few minutes. I tell them no thanks I want to hear this.”

According to Carleton, the manager then informed the vet he didn’t qualify for a discount, due to the store’s rules on veteran discounts becoming stricter. 

“The gentleman says he will then take his business elsewhere. The young moron replies that is your choice. The gentleman starts to leave and I step in,” he wrote.

“I tell the moron if one of your idiot friends walked through the door right now you would have the option of giving him a discount and with your attitude you would do it. So step over to the register and give this guy his discount. He says he does not qualify for it.”

Carleton then gave the manager an ultimatum.

“Either you give this guy a discount and I call Home Depot corp and tell them how good of a manager you are in spite of the stupid policy,” he told the employee. “Or I go home call Home Depot corp tell them I stupid the policy is and their manager is a moron, then I blast face book (sic) and it goes viral and you get to be the moron you are. I think you know which one he chose!”

Carleton’s post went viral soon after being shared, garnering more than 280,000 shares and praise from readers nationwide. 

Sources: Mad World News, David Carleton/Facebook / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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