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Man's One-Word Response To Cheating Ex's Pleas For Reconciliation Goes Viral


A man shut down his cheating ex’s pleas for reconciliation with a simple, one-word grammar correction.

Sean, a chef from Oklahoma City currently living in Orange County, California, shared the text conversation he had with his ex on Imgur. Soon after being posted, the conversation went viral and the man was applauded for how he handled the situation.

The post, which was shared on Imgur on Oct. 18, but it was deleted on Oct. 20.

“Sean, don’t ignore this, please read it,” the ex wrote. “It’s been a really long time and you still haven’t forgiven me. One person and one mistake shouldn’t separate us forever.”

Sean quickly responded, saying that he didn’t want her in his life anymore.

“You want to still throw away 5 years? You can’t forgive me STILL?” the ex replied.

“You threw it away when you jumped on someone else’s c*** in our apartment," Sean responded. "I haven’t forgiven you and I won’t."

The ex went on to write that she’d made several attempts to apologize over the past three years, calling him “irrational” and demanding that he “be the bigger person.”

“Irrational???” Sean responded. “It’s irrational to expect faithfulness from your goddamned fiance? It’s not stubbornness to deny your cheating ex fiance back in your life, it’s common sense. You will get nothing from me.”

The conversation continued, with the ex becoming angry and bitter about the way the young chef was choosing to handle her texts, even telling him to “go die.” 

Sean eventually stopped responding to the ex’s messages, prompting her to send several in a row demanding that he reply.

“Where are you, we’re talking this out,” she wrote in all caps. “Their is not reason why we can’t get back together.”

“There*” he replied, correcting her grammar mistake and effectively shutting down the entire conversation.

You can read the full text conversation (Warning: graphic language) by clicking here.

Do you think Sean was right to handle his ex the way he did?

Sources: Fox 8, Imgur / Photo credit: WikiCommons, Intel Free Press/Flickr


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