Man's Kindness Goes Viral (Video)

After sharing a meal with a stranger, Alex Camarillo’s good deed went viral.

A few weeks ago, Camarillo was approached by Stanley Long outside of a Pizza Hut in Houston, Texas. Long asked Camarillo for money, and Camarillo responded by inviting Long to share a meal with him.

The pair hit it off, and after lunch Camarillo went a step further and bought Long some gifts. 

"From head to toe clothes," Long told WFAA. Long didn’t expect Camarillo’s kindness, and they have since shared more meals together.

"To sit down and eat, this is a first," Long said after they dined together again, this time sharing Mexican food.

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Long stopped working to take care of his ailing mother, but after she died last year, he found himself homeless. "I'm not no saint or anything like that," he said, but Camarillo empathized with his struggle.

"I grew up broke; I grew up in poverty," Camarillo said. "If you're able to do it, why not help somebody out?"

During their first lunch together, Camarillo snapped a photo with Long and posted it on Facebook. He hoped to inspire others to give back, and his post has been shared hundreds of times by people all over the world.

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“All I can say [is], if you have been blessed please help those in need,” Camarillo told USA Today. "I’m sure if you were in need you would want someone to reach out and help."

“This man showed me the true meaning of happiness and being grateful,” he added.

Sources: WFAA, USA Today / Image via Maria Elena/Flickr


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