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Man's Racist Rant At Target Caught On Camera (Video)

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A man was recorded hurling racist slurs while shopping at a Dallas Target (video below).

Various customers described the incident during which a man was shouting racist obscenities at employees in customer service.

"Once we heard the 'n-word' and this guy raging out loud, the store pauses," recalled Christin Smith, who was shopping with her one-year-old son, according to KDAF. "It's complete silence, and everyone is getting their phones out."

"I felt like this was something that people needed to see," DiEma Hicks said. "It’s something you hear about but that was my first time witnessing it firsthand."

In the video, the man started raging after he told some employees, all of whom appeared to be of African descent, to "give him his stuff."

"I’ll beat your [expletive] [expletive], [expletive]," he screamed. "[Expletive]. What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong?"

A woman who appears to be the manager calmly asked the man to leave the premises.

"Sir I need you to leave my building," she said. "You can call me whatever you like, but you just need to leave my store."

Two men, both of whom appeared to be of European descent, defended the woman. The raging man called them "[expletive] lovers."

"That had to be tough," Hicks said. "I can't imagine being at work and someone disrespecting me like that."

Smith was concerned about the safety of her son, especially because it was difficult to predict "what his actions would be if you walked past him because he was in such a rage," reports KDAF.

Target released a statement after the incident, explaining that local police officers were contacted as soon as they were aware of the incident.

"At Target, we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination in any form," the statement read. "We have extensive policies, procedures, and training in place to help ensure an environment where all guests and team members feel welcome, valued and respected."

Throughout social media, many people praised the way in which the Target employees and customers handled the situation.

"She did a good job of holding her composure, she handled that situation respectfully," said one Facebook user in a comment. “It's sad so many people in this world have his mentality!”

"This is a good example of both races working together against injustice and disrespect not a color," commented one reader on the Daily Mail.

Warning: Graphic language

Sources: Daily Mail, KDAF, Roderick Bell/Facebook / Photo credit: Leah Frazier/DFW Style Daily

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