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Man's Amusing Feud With Neighbor Over Parking Goes Viral (Photos)

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A man’s amusing feud with a neighbor over parking has gone viral.

The feud began with a letter from the man’s neighbor, Karen, accusing him of “purposely” moving her garbage and parking in front of her house.

“You purposely are challenging me,” Karen wrote. “You now need to show your face with me and have a talk about your inconsiderate manners.”

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Following Karen’s letter, things got interesting.

“I can understand your dilemma,” the man wrote in response. “Due to being an introvert I cannot meet with you face to face. For I am a recovering sex addict, I would hate for you to start hitting on me and then one thing leads to another.”

He went on to explain that he moved the woman’s trash bins from the street to the curb “where they are supposed to be by city ordinance,” which prevented cars from hitting them and “violently spreading your trash all over your yard.”

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The man included a photo of his car in front of Karen's home with balloons attached, which he explained were “get well soon balloons” in the hopes that she will recover from being “butt hurt.”

“It’s a Public street,” the letter concludes. “I can park where ever I please.”

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Not all neighborly spats are so amusing. This man’s feud came just days after a woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was hit by a car her neighbor was driving following a feud that had gone on for several years.

Sources: Imgur, News On 6 / Photo credit: Imgur


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