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Man Pulls Large Alligator Out Of Storm Drain (Video)

A trapper rescued an alligator from a storm drain on March 20 in Oldsmar, Florida (video below).

John Ruel filmed the spectacle and posted the video to his Facebook page with a caption: "Not something you see everyday in the neighborhood! He's about 9ft and the trapper said he would not be euthanized."

Ruel said the alligator was trying to escape from the sewer by going through a street level drain, but the reptile got stuck, reports WFTS.

Ruel said the trapper had to push the gator back down, and then lift it up through a manhole.

The video went viral, and was picked up by news stations across the country.

ABC News re-posted the video on its Facebook page where it had over 1 million views by March 22, and plenty of comments:

  • So this is where they all went, after Trump drained the swamp, eh?
  • Hey gator get out of Mr Trump's office! Lmao
  • [T]he problem here in FLORIDA is people feed them and then they become comfortable to come into city areas!! Please do not feed these gators they are very dangerous!! they have the everglades to stay in there are acres and acres of land they has been sectioned off for the wild life!!
  • WAIT... he was pulled out and his mouth was already taped shut??
  • Are people that sense that they can't see the gator sticking out of the storm drain? That's how his mouth got taped! It was accessible. It would've been harder to get him out safely had the rescuer not been able to do so.
  • There was a horrible movie years ago about a gator in the sewer or storm drains, I was afraid to walk anywhere near drains or covers for years!!! Lol Will now be walking carefully around them again!
  • Sad...unnecessary...killing versus returning it to a natural habitat is oftentimes the outcome. We encroached in it's environment-this Fact occurs more and more with the present level of development now occurring in so many areas in Florida.....hopefully relocation is an option....
  • Easy, gator was trying to get out at the light source so its head was already sticking out so easy to tape and then reverse it out.
  • [G]uess this is common in that neck of the woods. Over here we have dog catcher's and the fire dept rescuing cats in a tree. Lol!
  • Aww Hell, there are two 6 footers at a little pond near the pro shop at the golf course where I played and a 12 footer at the 17th fairway. Never bothered anybody.

Sources: WFTS, John Ruel/Facebook, ABC News/Facebook / Photo credit: James/Flickr

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