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Man Wins Big After Secretly Buying Lottery Ticket

A Michigan man celebrated his decision to defy his girlfriend’s instructions and buy a lottery ticket earlier this week after he struck the jackpot.

The Livonia man, whose identity has been kept anonymous, went into a gas station to ask for a receipt when the printer at the pump failed.

“On my way in, my girlfriend told me not to buy any lottery tickets, but I didn’t listen,” the man told state lottery officials. “I bought one 50X The Cash ticket and paid for it with my two $5 winners.”

He hid the ticket and waited until the following morning to scratch it.

“I scratched the ticket in the bathroom and thought I was having a heart attack when I saw it was a $1 million winner,” the man said.

“I showed the ticket to my parents, and neither of them believed me,” he added. “We immediately went to the computer to look the game up online and read the instructions again. That’s when it finally started to sink in that I had won big.”

Although the man said he was going to invest some of his lump-sum payment of over $634,000, he is also making plans with his girlfriend to enjoy their success.

“We’ve always wanted to go to Scotland, and this will give us the opportunity to do that,” he said.

Anyone in Michigan feeling lucky shouldn’t give up hope just yet. According to MLive, over $48 million in prizes still remain after the man’s win, including two tickets worth $1 million each.

Even after his success Wednesday, the man indicated to officials he was already thinking about his next game.

“Maybe next time my girlfriend won’t be as sceptical when I’m feeling lucky and want to buy a lottery ticket,” he said.

Sources: MLive, MyFoxDC / Photo credit: MyFoxDC


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