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Man Windsurfs On Street During Hurricane Matthew (Video)

Billy Fortier recently did some unusual windsurfing as Hurricane Matthew hit Florida (video below).

In a video posted on his Instagram page on Oct. 7, Fortier holds out a piece of material to catch the wind and propels himself on his skateboard down a street.

Fortier later added the song "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by the Scorpions to his video.

Fortier captioned the rocking video with: "Thanks Mathew. I'm looking forward to the waves you will provide in the morning."

On a serious note, The Weather Channel notes there were 19 deaths in North Carolina, 12 in Florida, three people killed in South Carolina, three in Georgia and one death in Virginia, but the danger isn't over yet.

In North Carolina, Emergency Management Director Tom Collins discussed the dangers in a press release on Oct. 11:

The Black River is rising 3-5 inches per hour. This is a mandatory evacuation. There are homes along the Black River that are already under water. Residents west of Moores Creek National Battlefield, including all roads connecting to Canetuck Road, need to leave their homes and businesses now.

"North Carolina is resilient, our people are strong and we are going to get through this together," Republican Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina said. "This storm is still impacting people in a big way. You have got to see it to believe all the devastation that has occurred."

More than 233,000 homes and companies were still without electricity on the morning of Oct. 11.

In Florida, more than 1 million people lost electricity because of the hurricane, but that number was down to a little over 65,000 on Oct. 10.

Marshall Bailey, 89, died in DeLeon, Florida, after touching a live power line that was down, reported WESH.

Two people died from carbon monoxide poisoning because they ran a generator in their garage in Florida's St. Lucie County.

The hurricane killed at least 1,000 in Haiti, notes RT. Cholera has also broken out in the small nation, which shares an island with the Dominican Republic.

Sources: BillyInHawaii/Instagram, The Weather Channel, RT, WESH / Photo credit: BillyInHawaii/Instagramvia YouTube

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