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Man Who Got Drunk, Fell Asleep Outside Bar Awakens To Find Surprising Note In His Pocket (Photo)

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A man who got drunk and passed out outside of a bar woke up in a stranger’s room the next morning to find a note in his pocket revealing the events that unfolded while he was asleep.

“Wayne,” the note began. “You are f**ked up. No worries, you were not kidnapped. I found you outside of Red Lion with some cops. You were going to be arrested/taken to the hospital so we took you back to my room,” the note read.

“You can crash here. Please don’t steal anything or whatever. I’m asleep in the room upstairs with the door painted like Patrick Star. Thank you for your service.”

Wayne's note soon went viral, garnering over a million views in just two days.

The recipient of the note engaged curious readers on Reddit after originally posting a photo of the note, explaining aspects of the story.

“Good s**t. That's a rarity. Hope you make it up to them,” Redditor TribeOfOne64 said.

“Texted him letting him know how much I appreciated it. This restores my faith in humanity,” Wayne replied.

Wayne also revealed on Reddit that he’s active in the Army.

“That was cool. OP you a vet or AD? I spent 5 years as a US Navy Corpsman 1984-1989,” So-Cal-Mountain-Man asked.

“I'm still in, I'll be 6 years till October then I'm out!” Wayne responded.

Read the amusing note below.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Imgur



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