'I Broke Commitments': Cheating Man Asks Strangers To Throw Eggs At Him (Video)

An unfaithful boyfriend in Sydney, Australia, wanted to suffer for his sins. So he stood outside of a train station wearing a sandwich board that let strangers know about his cheating ways and asked them to pelt him with eggs as punishment.

In a video footage (shown below), an unidentified man, who insists this not a statement or performance art, can be seen standing outside of the Newtown Station Wednesday night, 9 News reports. He wears a sign that reads, "I lied to my partner. I broke commitments. I am a hypocrite. If you have ever been hurt by a man please humiliate and abuse me."

While wearing a milk crate on his head, the man endured eggs and food being thrown at him by random women and much of the abuse was captured on video. 

It isn't known whether the incident was a prank or if the man's girlfriend had given him an ultimatum -- embarrass yourself in exchange for another shot at the relationship.

One woman can be heard in the video saying, "If you think something like this ... is over the top, why aren't you trying to challenge all the f***ed up things that's going on all the time that men perpetuate to women all the time? This is not even that bad."

Sources: 9 News, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail 


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