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Man Watches His Motorcycle Get Destroyed By Student Driver In Car (Video)

A motorcyclist recently watched and filmed a student driver crush his motorcycle on a public road.

The original video (below) was posted by the motorcyclist on Instagram and has gone viral.

According to, the student driver was backing up in a Toyota RAV4 when he crunched the bike.

The motorcyclist wrote on social media site

"We both started slowing down when the light turned orange. The red SUV ended up in the middle of the intersection. Cars seen on the right started turning left, one car actually made it in front of the stalled/frozen driver.

"...Disbelief that the car was going to back into me was up there. I was in the dominant position for my lane (left half of the lane, where cars in the left lane have the best chance of seeing you in their mirror), watching the driver... but again... how often do you guys assume that a car will decide to reverse into your lane from a different one and floor it?

"...The video ends where it does because there is absolutely nothing exciting happening afterwards. The two occupants get out, we exchange remarks, and then I take the helmet off and turn off the camera. No swearing or yelling."

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Image Credit: Instagram/YouTube Screenshot


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