Man Reading Book At Beyonce Concert Goes Viral (Photo)


Many people would be thrilled to attend a Beyonce concert, but for one North Carolina man, reading a book was far more interesting.

When concertgoer Michelle Gardner saw pop star Beyonce perform in Raleigh at Carter-Finley Stadium on May 3, it wasn’t Queen B’s extravagant outfits that caught her eye, but a man reading instead of watching Beyonce’s performance.

Gardner snapped a photo of the bookworm and tweeted it, instantly going viral.

George Papageorgiou’s wife emailed WTVD after seeing her husband’s image go viral, revealing the details of that night.

Papageorgiou and his wife volunteered to work concessions at the stadium for his church. The couple did not have to pay for tickets -- which range from $100 to more than $1,000, according to ABC News. When they were finished setting up, they opened the folding chairs and sat down.

"After a while, we watch the show. It was OK, and then we just sat down. I pulled up my book and start reading," the husband says.

Although the native of Greece finds Beyonce to be attractive and a great entertainer, he’s not exactly part of the Beyhive.

"I find Beyonce a great show woman, very attractive. Her music? Eh, fine, but not my style,” says Papageorgiou. "I listen to '50s, '60s, '70s, and a lot of Greek music.”

So while everyone else in the audience were mesmerized by Beyonce’s performance, Papageorgiou was engrossed in his book. “I always have a book with me,” he says.

The book he was reading during the concert was "Danube Pilot" by Jules Verne. The novel was given to him by his parents 53 years ago in Cairo, where he grew up. Papageorgiou says he has read it seven or eight times.

"I love it -- probably not another book that's influenced my love for geography as much as this book," he told WTVD. "It's about a trip from Georgia and the caucuses all the way to Beijing, China with a whole bunch of adventures in between, so it's an exciting book."

The couple has helped with numerous concerts and events at the venue on behalf of their church, including rock group The Rolling Stones.

“Now, if Elvis was alive that’s the concert I would watch,” he said.

Papageorgiou better watch his back, or he might get stung by the Beyhive for that remark.

Sources: WTVD, ABC News / Photo credit: WTVD

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