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Man Sees Couple Do Something Awful At Buffet (Photo)

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An Ohio man was so baffled and angered at a couple's actions in a restaurant that he documented the incident and posted it to social media.

Shannon Culley from Sandusky, Ohio, was eating at China Dragon Buffet when he noticed the shocking behavior of a couple across the room. Culley became infuriated when he saw them repeatedly leave their seats to get multiple plates, leaving an infant behind at their table.

He watched as the couple continued to do it without any concern for the baby, according to Mad World News. So Culley decided to record their actions to get proof and hopefully shame them for bad parenting.

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“Look and y’all wonder why kids get taken,” Culley wrote on his Facebook video. “This is f*ckn sad hopefully nobody I know, knows them.” The post went viral and received over 37,000 shares and more than 1.6 million views.

Culley decided not to confront the parents since he was out on bond and did not want to start an altercation.

In December 2014, a Florida couple left their 22-day-old infant daughter in a car seat as they ate at a restaurant chain famous for its “endless buffet,” resulting in the child’s death.

Ruby Stephens, 23, and Roy Stephens, 48, were charged with first-degree murder after their baby was found unconscious -- and later determined to be dead -- while strapped into a car, reported the Mirror.

The couple had not fed the infant for six to seven hours prior to eating at the Golden Corral.

The company’s website reads: "Golden Corral's legendary, endless buffet features an abundant variety of delicious familiar favorites and continuous new menu offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

The autopsy concluded that the infant’s death was a result of homicide from “starvation due to neglect.”

“She suffered tremendously over the 22 days that she was alive,” said Mike Link, assistant chief of Lakeland Police.

Sources: Mad World News, Shannon Culley/Facebook, Mirror / Photo credit: Shannon Culley/Facebook via Mad World News

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