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Social Media Outraged Over Man's Post About Wanting His Grandfather To Die

A Facebook user is facing backlash after posting that he wishes his grandfather would die so that he could inherit $5,000 from him.

In a strange Facebook post, the user, whose name is blacked out, shares that he hopes his grandfather dies so that he can inherit $5,000 from him.

“Just found out that when my grandfather dies I’m getting $5,000! Can’t wait!” the post reads.

Immediately, the user’s friends commented and blasted the guy for his beliefs.

“That’s rude as f**k,” one person commented.

“5000 isn’t even that much,” another wrote. “A life is a life.”

“Delete this please people already want to beat you,” said another.

A screenshot of the post was put on Reddit and quickly went viral. Users on the social media site seemed to be just as horrified that someone would wish death on their grandparent just to get $5,000.

“I hate the thought of losing my grandparents and this little f**k wants to hurry his along,” one Reddit user wrote.

“My grandfather left 300k. I'd give 10 times that to have him back,” another eloquently shared.

Take a look at the controversial post below.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Source: Imgur, Spencer E Holtaway/Flickr


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