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Man Tries To Build Community Center, Gets Beaten By Intruders Who Rob It (Video)

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A man posted an emotional video to YouTube revealing that he had been assaulted by a group of intruders trying to vandalize a house he’d been working hard to convert into a community center.

In the video, posted below, Cincinatti, Ohio, resident Ronald Moon appeared bruised and bloody and tearfully explained the reason behind his condition.

“My dad bought a house 25 years ago on the same street that I live on now,” Moon said. “I chose, in the past six months, to turn this house into a community center for the neighborhood after it’d been broken into numerous times and needed a lot of work. I’ve been over there putting in hours and hours. And today, I came across the people that’d been breaking in there, and this is what they did to me.” Moon then displayed various wounds and a large amount of bleeding all over his body.

“I’m tired of struggling,” he said through tears. “I’m sick of it. I’m just trying to do the best that I can for my people. I’m tired of seeing this hurt. I kept asking them why. They couldn’t say.”

Moon then implored people not to doubt the struggle of people in communities like the one he was trying to improve.

“Don’t doubt what you hear,” he said. “What you see other black people tell you, don’t doubt it. Because it’s real. The pain we feel is real. The hurt you feel is real. But I still love all my people. I love everyone.”

A GoFundMe campaign was subsequently launched to raise money for the community center following the disturbing assault. Moon started the fundraising effort with the hopes of raising a modest $5,000. After the video went viral, however, that goal was quickly surpassed and supporters have, so far, raised an astonishing $35,000. 

Watch Moon’s emotional video below.

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