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Craigslist Ad For Driver Who Hit Beloved Pet Goes Viral

For most drivers, the idea of hitting anything while behind the wheel is scary. But if the victim in the headlights is someone’s beloved pet, the prospect can be downright nerve-wracking. 

On Nov. 14, 2015, an unidentified driver reportedly hit a dog in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Though the driver stopped, the pooch was in bad shape. 

However, the dog has since recovered -- and the dog’s owner was bothered that they couldn’t contact the driver to let them know. 

So, on Jan. 13, the dog's owner created a Craigslist post, which has since gone viral:

To the person who ran over my dog on Nov. 14 

I just wanted to say that he is okay!

Saturday Nov. 14 around 11am in Sun Prairie: My dog, a medium-sized tan lab mix, darted out of the house and into the street in front of your car at the wrong moment.

Thank you for stopping to see if we needed help instead of driving away.

It has been bothering me that I had no way to contact you and tell you that you didn't kill him. My neighbors were shocked he survived with how ugly it looked, but he is too stubborn to die and he has more lives than a cat. He is alive and fully recovered!

Hopefully you know that its not your fault my dog is not smart enough to stay out of traffic. Have a good day!

On Jan. 14, the Craigslist ad was posted to Reddit, where it received more than 700 comments and over 4,500 upvotes -- the equivalent of Facebook "likes" -- within 10 hours.

"Good that the dog is OK," Reddit user Zzyyxx2 wrote. "Good that the motorist stopped as required. Hopefully owner gets the hint that perhaps a fence and gate out front might be a good idea."

Sources: Craigslist, Reddit / Photo credit: Craigslist

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