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Police Get A Halloween Surprise When They Pull Over Driver In The Carpool Lane (Photo)

Some people will try anything to drive in the carpool lane.

A man near Tacoma, Washington, was pulled over and fined for using a zombie baby Halloween prop to drive in the High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, Mashable reports.

A Washington State Police Twitter account shared a photo of the man after he was pulled over. He was sitting next to a zombie baby, which was strapped in with a seat belt.

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The police did, however, give the man some credit for being in the Halloween spirit.

HOV lanes can be used when there are two or more people, including the driver, in the vehicle, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Unfortunately for this man, zombie babies don’t qualify as people. He received a $136 ticket for the violation.

Sources: Mashable, WPTV / Photo credit: WPTV, Peter Dutton/Flickr


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