Man Tweets About Bizarre Drama At McDonald's Drive-Thru


A Tennessee man's bizarre encounter at McDonald's in search of a milkshake has gone viral after a series of tweets.

When Josh Raby pulled through a Clarksville McDonald’s drive-thru around 1 a.m. on April 10, he had no idea what was in store for him, reports USA Today.

Raby, who works as a server at the Blackhorse Pub & Brewery in downtown Clarksville, recounted his fast-food adventure on Twitter and has become a social media star.

The tale starts out normally, with Raby entering the McDonald’s drive-thru near his home. As he pulls up to the speaker, he writes that he’s greeted in a way that's far from normal.

“Hey holy s--- hello, you are at McDonald's, and I am begging your patience,” the worker said as a greeting.

Raby tweets that there were no other cars around so he replied back, “Um, OK, you can have it.”

The McDonald’s employee responds by saying, “Praise you.”

When Raby finally tells the worker he wants a milkshake, things get weirder.

“'I'll need a minute,’ he replies. I realize I did not describe my desired milkshake in any way so I yell ‘I need to tell you what kind,’” wrote Raby. “He is gone for several minutes. When he returns he says flatly ‘we aren't going to be able to do the milkshake. I do have many apple pies.'"

Raby asks if the employee is OK, but according to his tweet, the worker retorts back, “I am not ok. Would you please tell me your order so I can try to punch it in? I will be very slow, but I will get it.”

The disgruntled customer then orders a chicken sandwich, which confuses the McDonald worker.

“Several minutes are spent repeating what I want on it, watching the screen as he tries over and over,” Raby tweeted.

After waiting patiently, the drive-thru screen goes black, and he hears a deep exhale from the speaker, and the worker says he lost his wife.

"I'm sorry, man, I-," said Raby.

"Please describe your chicken sandwich to me again so I can succeed at one thing," replies the employee.

The worker finally understands and feels remorse about not having milkshakes, so he asks if Raby wants an apple pie.

“Then there is a weird series of beeps and when his voice comes back in he is f------ SCREAMING into his headset: ‘I FOUND HER! THANK GOD!’” Raby wrote.

When Raby asks the worker who was found, he says his wife. She had allegedly been watching him from behind the boxes, according to the Twitter post.

“At this point I have ordered a chicken sandwich I do not want and an apple pie I do not want and no milkshake and I've been here 22 minutes,” writes Raby.

The wife then comes on the speaker and offers Raby a discount on two apple pies for $2. As he pulls up to the next window, he sees that the man and his wife are in their mid-40s and being physically affectionate.

The worker apologizes and says he hasn’t worked at McDonald’s in 16 years and goes on to tell the story of how they met at McDonald’s in 1993.

When Raby pulls up to the next window, another employee hands him the food and says, “You get to drive away,” in frustration.

The entire McDonald’s visit took more than 37 minutes and, in the end, Raby’s order was wrong.

Sources: USA Today, Josh Raby/Twitter / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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