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Man's Attempt To Shame Woman At Gym Backfires (Video)

A man's attempt to shame a woman at the gym by posting a video of her working out backfired as the internet quickly turned on him (video below).

The social media user -- who posted a Snapchat that made its way onto Facebook after being shared by World Star Hip Hop -- recorded a video of a woman behind him at the gym, doing squats while straddling a barbell. "Tf [What The F***] She Doing," read the caption on the recording, reports the Daily Mirror.

Instead of the laughing-while-crying emoji response he was hoping for, the internet reacted with a red-faced, angry emoji.

The video has been viewed nearly 10 million times since World Star Hip Hop shared it, and the comments have overwhelmingly expressed support of the woman being filmed, instead of the shaming that the man filming intended.

"Better question, what are YOU doing?" wrote Ursula Pachas in the video's comments. "If I go to the gym, I go to work out FOR ME - not to pay attention to what someone else is doing."

As one commenter pointed out, the woman in the video is actually attempting to do an accepted and well-known excercise. "It's called a Jefferson Squat. Granted, she isn't doing it with proper form but at least she's trying," said Malissa Rico. Jefferson squats are used to exercise the quadriceps, and when done with the right form, involve deeper squats, rather than pulsing up and down, according to the Daily Mail.

Another person in the comments critiques the man's own physique, saying, "The question should be what muscle group is he working on? All I see are folds of fat and an embarrassingly underdeveloped shoulder."

It is not clear where the gym is that the video was filmed in.

"I agree the workout she's doing is kind of funny but it's videos like this that circulate around and make overweight or out of shape people self conscious about going to the gym in the first place," said another man in the comments.

"Some people are brave enough to even step in the weight room in the first place, don't ruin their experience by making fun of them."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily MirrorYoutube / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mirror

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