'Man In Tree' Finally Comes Down In Seattle (Video)

An unidentified 28-year-old man became famous for about 24 hours due to his refusal to come down from an 80-foot-tall tree that he climbed in Seattle (video below).

The "Man In Tree," as he was dubbed, climbed the sequoia on March 22 and stayed overnight.

Police tried to talk the man down, and he actually descended to the 15-foot mark after an unidentified woman offered to make out with him, reported KIRO 7, but then he headed back up the tree for reasons unknown.

The man finally came down just before noon on March 23, which sparked applause from his many fans below.

The man sat on the ground and ate a pear as police and paramedics approached.

He cooperated with authorities and got onto a stretcher where he was strapped down.

Police said the man would not be charged, but rather taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

There was a striking disconnect between the man's fans and the strong disapproval from the media and authorities.

"Twenty-four hours in a tree?" Ally Long said. "I don't know, I think it's kinda cool."

"Police didn't think so," KIRO 7 reporter Alison Grande countered. "They were concerned he could fall and hurt himself or someone else."

However, the cops blocked off streets around the tree, which kept the pubic safe.

"No one knows why he's up there," Tiffany Litz smiled. "Why he didn't come down."

Another fan showed off her cellphone picture of the tree and social media hashtag #ManInTree.

RT.com noted the numerous tweets by locals about their hero, but KIRO 7 wanted to know how much the man's tree adventure cost the city. Police said it would take weeks to determine the cost.

City employees used a truck with a bucket to get to the top of the tree and cut off some damaged branches.

After they finished, police re-opened the streets, everything went back normal and people returned to their daily grind.

Sources: KIRO 7 (2), RT.com / Photo credit: KIRO 7 via YouTube

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