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Man Takes A Dip In A Hot Tub With A Cow

Dean Gangwer, a third-generation farmer from Rossville, Indiana, discovered one of his cows gave birth and found the calf in a snowbank on his farm. He knew the calf was in bad condition - his body temperature was low and he could barely keep his eyes open.

Gangwer managed to put the calf in the back of his truck and drive home, where they took a dip in the family’s hot tub. 

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"I jumped in fully dressed, held [the calf] up so he didn't drown, and him and I had a nice bath for an hour, so we both came out warm and I think the end story's gonna be great for him," Gangwer said.

Gangwer, who has since dubbed the calf Leroy, brought the newborn inside and wrapped him up in electric blankets, RTV reported. 

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Since then, Leroy has been recovering and Gangwer thinks he won’t have to share his hot tub with a cow again. "Leroy's officially done hot-tubbing. Some sunbathing is definitely in his future out in the grass, but definitely his hot tub days are done," he said.

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Source: RTV Image via RTV


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