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Man Surprises His Wife By Telling Her She's Pregnant (Video)

Video bloggers Sam and Nia make videos about their marriage and life with their two young children and post it to their YouTube Channel, which has more than 172,000 subscribers (video below).

Their most recent video has gone viral. Sam thought his wife might be pregnant, so he decided to secretly test her urine. It turns out, Nia was expecting but she didn’t know it yet, so Sam surprised her with the news, resulting in a tear-jerking video, My Fox 8 reported.

According to the couple’s Facebook page devoted to their YouTube channel, they had garnered 1 million views in the first 24 hours after it was posted on Aug. 5, thanks in part to their latest video.

Sources: My Fox 8, Sam and Nia/Facebook / Photo credit: Sam and Nia/Facebook


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